Venice museums tax- aeolian. Alien word dicty.

Tourist tax visitors

Venice museums.
Radionz news
N y day 1.1.19
The 1st time i spelled it 10am tuesd.
1m cruise ships.
Reported italy already taxes visitors to
#aliens islands* pardon.
He spell smthg like aeolian.
Greek god of winds.
Music instrument.
Desert sands.
Phaps pronounce air hair lair.
Encyclopaedia of integer seqces
Mispronounce likely.
Eg nz invaded by centurions
Spell checker
Roman wars very old.
AEOLIS common x words really? Are u sure.
(Base 27 convert. Green house 389-777x)
Modern online phn dictionaries.
Race mother son look up a word.
Don judge where open book.
Thumb index.
Phone book. Some letters may significantly greater less pages.
Such as s. M.
She says m = middle dicty.
We’ll test that.
English 13/26 letter is m.
So m n is the median.
Rsrch half the numbered pages.
What word.
Is it always l m or smtyms n o.
We both have bunch of dictionaries.
I was looking at old oxford illustrated.
It lucky has some names.
Amazing 998 pages.
So 499 is loco motives.
Rather English.
Depend appendices etc. Yes.
Great 11 letters so don can factoriser report up to convert 2^52. 2^53.
Another thought.
The first prime date after 30.12.2017
Is 3.01.2019.
Much hobby study.
Don counter person.
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